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Rhine Solar Limited began its unstoppable journey in solar power energy in the year 2014. The mission was to provide a high-end and innovative range of solar solutions for small, medium, and large energy consumers. Rhine Solar Limited started with a clear vision to provide international quality standards in solar modules besides offering scalable services to meet immediate needs and requirements of overseas and domestic clients. We have earned the loyalty and trust of customers spread across various fields and geographies with quality, timeliness, and customer service. Top-quality ‘Made by Rhine Solar’ – independently verified: The certificate “IEC Quality Tested” modules having high reliability, low degradation and optimized functional reliability. For our customers, this means even more security for their investment.

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Rhine Solar Limited. has a robust infrastructure with all the state of art machines, which are of the latest technology. These machines give a competitive edge to our Company as they are high on production and low on production / maintain cost. They are upgraded from time to time to keep them at par with the latest technological strength.
• Fully Automated 2400 Cell Tabber & Stringer Mondragon Assembly, Spain • Fully Automated 1200 cell Tabber & Stringer Sunny World (China) • Robotic Auto Lay up • Cell tester • Automatic inline Laminator Jinchen (23 x 36) • Automatic two stages inline Laminator Jinchen (24 x 46) • Automatic set of Machines for Aluminium Frame Cutting • Two Automatic crimpings & framing machine • Two Book type of Laminator • Two Laser Cell Cutting • EL Pre Tester • EL Post Tester • Sun Simulator

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At Rhine Solar, we not just manufacture solar modules and solar panels, we touch the human life which is our greatest assets. At our manufacturing unit, we provide trainings and knowledge to skill our people. That's why when, we are regularly inspected by world-class auditors and tested by the best independent institutions, we pass the tests and earn the certificates.
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Registered Office: AD - 86 A Shalimar Bagh New Delhi - 110088, India Production Facility: Killa No. 80/6, Janti Kalan Rd, Sersa, Kundli, Sonipat, Haryana 131028, India
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Monday - Saturday 10 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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What is Solar PV Module? The Solar Photovoltaic module is the most essential component of any solar power system. It is the device that converts Solar energy into electrical energy. The photovoltaic effect was discovered by French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839. Yet, it took a long time for this discovery to become a practical source of power for mankind. Solar PV module work on the basic principle of photovoltaic effect. When light falls on a PV cell, electrons are set free from the atoms of semiconductor material present in the cell and generate electricity. The more intense the light, higher is the amount of electricity produced. When two or more cells are combined together to form a module, it is called solar panel or solar module. Similarly when modules are connected together to form an array it is called as solar panel array. We provide high quality, advanced technology, reliable and efficient solar solutions for both commercial and residential purposes. Our products have been proven to perform well in extreme conditions across the world.
We manufacture ‘high efficiency best output solar PV modules’. Our Made in India products are more efficient than the average module and give more output from the same amount of sunlight. We have a range of products from 10 watts to 400 watts. The Power range starts from 10Wp to 200Wp for both mono and multi crystalline solar PV modules. The watt peak represents the maximum power that can be produced under standard test conditions (STC). We also provide solar PV modules as per best industry standards. Our products are tested in various climatic conditions by accredited agencies so that they can perform well under all kinds of weather conditions. We also guarantee up to 25 years performance warranty on our products. There are a lot of solar panels out there. So why choose Rhine Solar? Because we've been manufacturing solar panels for nearly 20 years. We know what works, and we know how to deliver the most power for your panels at the lowest price. We want to help you save money on your energy bills and minimize your impact on the environment. And we're here to help you make an educated decision about how to do it. We're going to show you how our solar panels work, what makes them better than other options, and give you some tips for choosing the right panels for your home or business.